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Imageview rotation from coordinate points

According to the image I have two images in my xml, but I need that when I click on the back image (color), the black pointer in the middle needs to turn to the right angle of the clicked image. Source: Android Questions

By Renato Cardoso Crispim
Categorized as android, imageview, kotlin, rotation

Android WebView video custom view content is off center after rotation

When the user clicks the full screen button on a video in a WebView, WebChromeClient calls onShowCustomView with the custom video view. I use this callback to add the view to a fragment and display it full screen. In a comment on a previous question, it was suggested that I include ‘orientation’ in the android:configChanges […]

How to keep playing full screen video from WebView after rotation on Android

When the user clicks the full screen button on a video in a WebView, WebChromeClient calls onShowCustomView with the custom video view. I use this callback to add the view to the fragment and display it full screen. However, when I rotate the device, the activity is destroyed (as expected) along with the custom video […]

Screen Rotaton for LineageOS Android Raspberry Pi 3B

I installed LineageOS on my raspberrypi 3B, and had a touchscreen monitor attached. However, I need the screen and touchscreen rotated 90 degrees. The first try I made was to use apps to rotate the screen, and all of them resulted in a portrait mode that was still in landscape (see the image below to […]

By Jason Chan
Categorized as android, raspberry-pi, rotation, screen

two drawable matrix rotate wrong position in view

I need some help with matrix operations. view has two drawable. one is content bitmap, other is rotate icon each drawable have matrix onDraw() draw each drawable (content bitmap, rotate icon) override fun onDraw(canvas: Canvas?) { contentBitmap.draw(canvas) // get rotate from matrix val matrixRotate = contentBitmapLayer.matrix.rotation // get contentBitmapLayer bounds from matrix val x1 = […]

By hyuni
Categorized as android, matrix, rotation

Android animation rotate infinite, without pausing

I can rotate my image infinitely. But my problem is that the image pauses shortly when it reaches 360º and then starts rotating again. It happens the same even when I applied "linear_interpolator". What I want to do is that the image does not pause at all when it starts the next round. So it […]

By lucy
Categorized as android, android-studio, animation, infinite, rotation

Rotate object by 90 degrees?

I know this has been answered like 1000 times, but I just don’t know how exactly should I do the coding. All I want is when the platform changes it’s position on the x or the z axis, then rotate the whole platform by 90 degrees. I tried it with a platform.transform.Rotate(0, 90, 0), so […]

By imbruceter
Categorized as android, c#, object, rotation, unity3d

How to achieve repetitive full cycle imageview rotation with Android Java?

I have an ImageView in my android application and a button to rotate the image left by 90 degrees progressively by each new click. Now the code I have handles the rotation of the object up to the original position before any rotation was applied, when I click on the rotate button again so the […]

Categorized as android, c#, java, rotation

How to rotate android acceleration vector using quaternions

I am trying to rotate my acceleration vector and it doesn’t seem to be working. Essentially, I take acceleration data and orient in the world coordinate system. Then I want to rotate the acceleration vectors by the angle they are rotated from the base coordinate system, North, East and Sky. I want all the X, […]

By Mob
Categorized as acceleration, android, quaternions, rotation

How to orient android acceleration vector in world frame (N, E, Sky) independent of phone orientation?

After searching the internet for a possible solution, I have yet to find a working fix. My project deals with human gait and using the phone to measure acceleration. The phone could be attached to the user in any way, i.e. pocket or attach to belt, etc. I want to eliminate orientation of the phone […]

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