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How get data LIST Json in flutter?

I want to ask about flutter, how to display LIST data taken from the API ? Source: Android Questions

By CRico
Categorized as android, dart, flutter, json, list

Android recycle view update sort list with concurrency issue

I have a sorted list I would like to use to hold objects for maintaining a recycleview as usual. The api I am interfacing with passes me updates through an interface callback using multiple threads. This api can add, remove or update object state. When the app opens there is a flurry of adds, removes […]

By cagney
Categorized as android, android-recyclerview, concurrency, java, list

Dart Error – Exception has occurred. LateError (LateInitializationError: Field ‘results’ has not been initialized.)

I have an error, please help Exception has occurred. LateError (LateInitializationError: Field ‘results’ has not been initialized.) The error, why? SS My Source Code1 And SS My Souce Code 2 Source: Android Questions

By CRico
Categorized as android, dart, flutter, list

List.dropLast() is returning an Empty List

I am working on a dictionary app that has this DAO Query which is returning 20 items from the Database. The query is working fine. @Query("SELECT word, meanings FROM wordentity GROUP BY word ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 20") suspend fun getLastTenWords(): List<Words> In the ViewModel I pass the list of words from the DB […]

By Tonnie
Categorized as android, kotlin, list

Issue in adding new value in ArrayList at 0th position

I have ArrayList of my model/pojo class. Which has below values which I am getting in my logcat : BatteryDetailsHistory(dates=10 01 2022, dateNumber=10, chargeOverTime=94, avgTemperature=21.9385, averageChargeDischarge=-2.1234) Now, here at specific situation I have to add one value of the object BatteryDetailsHistory at 0th position in the arraylist of this model/pojo. So, I have done it […]

By Jaimin Modi
Categorized as android, arraylist, kotlin, list

Create a list os Kotlin with de result of a repeated function

I have a very long method that creates a list with the result of a function that adds two numbers: private fun Add(one: Int, two:Int) : Int { return one + two } private val myList = listOf( Add(1, 2), Add(2, 3), Add(3, 4), Add(4, 5), Add(5, 6), Add(6, 7), Add(8, 9), … ) Is […]

By Sergio76
Categorized as android, kotlin, list, parameter-passing

Do capital letters in variables make a difference in Serialization?

I’ve discovered (the hard way) that variables with all capital letters in my Android Java code, are not being serialized to bytes and sent via Rest Api to my Java backend server. When both client and server use **ABC** as the variable name, the server receives a null value for this variable. When both client […]

By Imran
Categorized as android, api, java, list, serialization

Flutter: How to display images gotten from ImagePicker with buildGridView()

I’m using ImagePicker in flutter and I’d like to see if I can use the function buildGridView to display all the images I have in a list. I can use this function with a list of assets like shown in the documentation of it. The question is if I can do the same with the […]

By pepintos
Categorized as android, flutter, image, imagepicker, list

How to stop slide in a certain point?

I have an horizontal list that when I slide it, it just goes to the final of the list or in the middle by that I mean that the slide it’s not controlled. What am I trying to do it’s to control the slide that no matter how much the user slides it will go […]

By Mario Muresean
Categorized as android, kotlin, list, slider

Futurebuild with dynamic list

I have a function that takes some json and puts the entire object into a dynamic list. I am having trouble looping over that list using the futurebuilder. I always get "the getter ‘length’ isn’t defined for the class ‘Future<List>" error. same for the title. What is the correct way to do this? To access […]

By Mirza Celik
Categorized as android, dart, flutter, list, mobile-development
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