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How to handle click event on info window button?

I was wondering how I can handle the click event of a button inside an info window(Google maps). There have been some posts about this including this: android: how to set button on click listener on custom infoWindow using google map V2 and this: android: how to set button on click listener on custom infoWindow […]

By CodingChap
Categorized as android, google-maps, java

GMaps Android API: Adding KmlLayer to Map Resets Marker Info Windows to Default

When I add a KmlLayer to my GoogleMap (via #addLayerToMap), it resets all marker info windows to default. I am using a DefaultClusterRenderer to load my markers ("Waypoints"), along with a custom GoogleMap.InfoWindowAdapter that you see displayed in image 1. KmlLayer layer = new KmlLayer(googleMap, is, getApplicationContext()); layer.addLayerToMap(); These images show the same Marker before […]

By bodei
Categorized as android, google-maps, java

Images in the description on placemarks doesn’t load because an asterisk

I’m trying to load images in the description on an placemark in Google Maps, I’m using this code, the kml file is right, but when I download and import it in my app, the images url contains an asterisk, and the app doesn’t detect the full url to the image from there. This is the […]

By Relwi
Categorized as android, google-maps, java

Show info window automatically on opening maps activity without clicking on marker

This question has been already asked but i didn’t get a working solution in How to make the custom info window visible without click in google map android? so i will ask this question again here. I want to show an info window above marker without needing to click on it when the map opens. […]

By Arsh Sethi
Categorized as android, google-maps

Error: android.view.InflateException – googlemaps (kotlin)

I’am new in kotlin and android studio. The problem comes I try to push a button "GPS" from "MainActivity" to "GpsView" (it’s other activity);here you can see a map like googleMap, but I try run and push the button and I have Error: android.view.InflateException. I don’t konw how fix this error. In Build.gradle -> dependencies, […]

By Extromo
Categorized as android, google-maps, kotlin

How to enable Distance Matrix API ( Google API ) by restricting access from Android App?

Am using google’s distance matric API in my Android Application*xxxxxxxxx* It worked fine until I added a restriction to the API key. Now am getting following error from service. { "destination_addresses" : [], "error_message" : "This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key. Request received from IP address […]

Asking for location permission only appears when app is interrupted

I am developing an android application that uses Google Maps. The expected behavior is: Enter the map activity Ask user to use his location Show nearby places When I run the application using an emulator in Android Studio , the flow is the expected one (Pixel 2 Api 30), but when I run it on […]

By F bio Pires
Categorized as android, google-maps, location, permissions

Is there a better way to transfer my "Google Map" data over ethernet from H.264?

I have a beginning of some kind of embedded project. I have two embedded systems/devices and they will connect together with the ethernet feature/cable. I will receive Google Maps data in one of them and I want to show this data also on the other device. I want to transfer map data and think about […]

By DGulyasar
Categorized as android, data-transfer, embedded, ethernet, google-maps

firestore geoquery on nested firestore collection

following the tutorial and i’ve created my database design which looks like when i’m quering for any location i’m always getting 0 result, then i tried for quering non nested collection(as shown in tutorial video then i’m getting the result. my non nested collection design looks like codes for nested collection(which is […]

By Dhiru
Categorized as android, firebase, geofirestore, google-cloud-firestore, google-maps

how to split google map when BottomSheetBehavior scroll up and down in android?

I am stuck one of small layout issue for when scroll up and down of BottomSheetBehavior. I am trying too much how to split google map. So, If you know about this knowledge then share your best answer. This is my xml code please check. <androidx.coordinatorlayout.widget.CoordinatorLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:app="" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent" android:background="@color/white"> < android:id="@+id/google_map" android:name="" android:layout_width="match_parent" […]

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