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How to insert data in the firebase

So i have problem regarding adding the appointment details in my firebase android studio. I want the user to store their appointment details in appointment database and I also want to check if the user has booked the date and day. However , after the user has pressed the confirm button, it doesnt store the […]

By Gavin Juen
Categorized as android, android-studio, firebase-realtime-database, java

How can I fetch certain type of data from Firebase Realtime Database?

I know that there is a lot of code on this, but I can’t find the solution for my problem. I have a realtime database : I have to fetch "SaluteMassimaBoss:" I tried "databaseMonster.child(id).addValueEventListener(…)" but it doesn’t work. Anyone can help me? Source: Android Questions

By Mattia Vaccarello
Categorized as android, firebase, firebase-realtime-database

Retrieve data from Realtime Database in fragment recyclerview

When I send data to realtime database. it generates 1…5…… numbers as ID with this code: private fun newpost() { var id = 1 buttonPost.setOnClickListener() { dataa.child(auth.currentUser?.uid!!).get().addOnSuccessListener { if (it.exists()) { val imageUrl = it.child("photoUrl").value val postText = editTextNewPost.text.toString() if (postText.isNotEmpty()) { data.child(id.toString()).child("title").setValue(postText) data.child(id.toString()).child("imageUrl").setValue(imageUrl.toString()) editTextNewPost.setText("") id += 1 Toast.makeText(activity, "Post Added", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show() } } } […]

Unable to read data from Firebase Realtime database

Just trying to get url the url that I have stored in that node. It is a audio file url that I have stored in the storage. ValueEventListener changeListener = new ValueEventListener() { @Override public void onDataChange(DataSnapshot snapshot) { String change = snapshot.getValue(String.class); if(snapshot.hasChildren()){ if(snapshot.hasChild("song")){ String song_url = (String) snapshot.child("song").getValue(); Log.d("tansen","[SUCCESS] url: "+song_url); } else{ […]

By Abdullah Khan
Categorized as android, firebase-realtime-database, java

Firebase Realtime Database Functions pagination Android

Currently my app gets all the data from the realtime database and filters through it and sends it back to android where the data is shown in a recycler view. How do I paginate my data so the user does not have to wait for the whole thing? Firestore Function: exports.getRecipes = functions.region(‘europe-west1’).https.onCall((data, context) => […]

How to retrieve firebase database to recylerview without adapter?

I am creating social media app on that I have done with Retrieveing database to recycler view and Onclick listener also but I want to initialize layout inflater to adapter class for bottom sheet. I am using adapter class for clicking events and playing videos like that. I can’t add layout inflater to adapter class. […]

Reading from Firebase to recyclerview gives duplicate data

I’m trying to read data from firebase to a recyclerview and another recyclerview inside it. First recyclerview is getting data fine but the child recyclerview’s data gets duplicated. (I kinda don’t know how to explain it tbh) I think the issue is here but I don’t see how to fix it though. Please can someone […]

How to implement Android Room in chat App?

So I am building a Chat App using Firebase Realtime Database and Auth. I have decided that I will log the recent chat i.e. the second user the current user interacts with and I am not able to implement or find how to do it. This doubt is very vital for my project completion. So […]

firebase realtime database client is offline

when I’m search data in firebase database, I got this error messages. client is offline. How can I solve? //2022-01-16 21:42:34.589 29418-29624/com.lepetitprincess.pointcard I/RepoOperation: get for query /issuers/iyGGn9JHdpYGR0YEWXMxOMtTH0s1/account falling back to disk cache after error: Client is offline //2022-01-16 21:42:34.813 29418-29418/com.lepetitprincess.pointcard E/firebase: Error getting data //java.lang.Exception: Client is offline //at$get$1$com-google-firebase-database-connection-PersistentConnectionImpl( //at$$ Source:8) //at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ […]

By Kyu-Ho Hwang
Categorized as android, firebase, firebase-realtime-database, kotlin

How to update entry in Firebase Database based on an attribute value

I am using the Firebase Realtime Database with Android in Java. I have the following database screenshot: I would like to change the availability value (from 0 to 1) for the ingredient with the attribute "ingredient_name = Lime". The attribute ingredient_name is actually something like a primary key meaning that there will be no other […]

By VanessaF
Categorized as android, firebase-realtime-database, java
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