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android : HIDL to AIDL

Recenetly google is asking chip vendor to change HAL from HIDL to AIDL. My question is : As a chip vendor, I can porting original service side method from HIDL to AIDL. But how about client side? Does client side need to modify their code? Be more specific, does HIDL and AIDL generate same .h […]

By John
Categorized as aidl, android, hidl

Android 12 breaks AIDL/IPC with runtime permissions on IPC APK

Pre-Android 12 I could create proprietary Bluetooth health device driver service APKs and exchange info with them from a main application via AIDL. The driver APKs have no UI and launch nothing when installed. Though these APKs used Bluetooth and BLE all runtime permissions could be given from the primary application. These APKs could be […]

By Brian Reinhold
Categorized as aidl, android, android-bluetooth, android-service

Client Android app is crashing while clicking any button created there, for binding and accessing server app in AIDL concept implementation

I have created 2 different application one is client and another one is server for implementation of AIDL concept of Android. But my client app keeps stopping just after clicking any button from client app. I have used one already given method from youtube to convert implicit intent to explicit intent. It is showing error […]

Categorized as aidl, android, client, server, service

How is ParceledListSlice used in AIDL?

I want to pass large collections across processes, How is ParceledListSlice used in AIDL? Source: Android Questions

By zuilintan
Categorized as aidl, android

I m getting Android Aidl Service Instantiate Error

I have a AIDL service which do some basic tasks. I would like to use that AIDL Service as abstract class. So that, if another class wants to handle callbacks of Service, it will be enough extend my service. Classes and error log are looking like that: //////////////////// AIDL SERVICE \\\ public abstract class AdditionService […]

By piruzi
Categorized as abstract, aidl, android, instantiationexception, service

Working or Music Player Application but getting some bugs at onClick in Android Studio:

I am trying to create a Music Player Application but an issue occur. Its only adding/submitting the details of only one song(first clicked). Here’s the code below: package com.example.poptunemusicplayerapplication; import android.Manifest; import android.content.ComponentName; import android.content.ServiceConnection; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.IBinder; import androidx.annotation.NonNull; import; import; import androidx.core.content.ContextCompat; import; import; import […]

By Kailash8460
Categorized as aidl, android, android-sqlite, android-studio, java

How do you thorw/handle exceptions via AIDL

I have an Android service that manages some devices. This service also provides APIs via an AIDL interface for clients to query devices and their state/data. Clients can query information using name/number. It looks something like this: package com.mydomain.myservice; interface IMyService { MyDeviceInformation getInfo(myDeviceNumber); MyDeviceSate getState(myDeviceName); } Both MyDeviceInformation and MyDeviceState are parcelable, so they […]

By yetanothercprogrammer
Categorized as aidl, android

aidl.exe” finished with non-ze ro exit value -1073741701

I have a normal android project which build well in macOS, ubuntu and other person‘windows. I hava a new windows 7 pc. When environment is configured, There is an error. … Caused by: org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process ‘command ‘C:Androidbuild-tools.0.2aidl.exe” finished with non-ze ro exit value -1073741701 at org.gradle.process.internal.DefaultExecHandle$ExecResultImpl.assertNormalExitValue( at … 12 more I try nearly any […]

By Victor Choy
Categorized as aidl, android

How to use Stable AIDL interface from product partition apps in AOSP?

We have a Stable AIDL interface created like this I can access this if my apps are in the system_ext partition because both are built with system images. Below is the aidl interface implementation we have – aidl_interface { name: "", owner: "me", vendor_available: true, srcs: ["vendor/my/hardware/myLib/*.aidl"], versions: ["1"], stability: "vintf", backend: { java: […]

By Bajrang Hudda
Categorized as aidl, android, android-source, product-partition

Android AOSP generate cpp files from AIDL files

I’m trying to generate cpp files from framework aidl files available in the AOSP tree. I see in the framework that the aidl files need to be added to LOCAL_SRC_FILES and that LOCAL_AIDL_INCLUDES needs to be set. I’ve added a module to the tree and my is as follows: LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir) […]

By user1247196
Categorized as aidl, android, android-source, c#
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