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Cannot build a project in Android Studio with due to the stableIds.txt

When I try to build my project in Android studio, I get the following error: ERROR:AAPT: C:UsersuserDocumentsAndroidKursTrueOrFalseappbuildintermediatesstable_resource_ids_filedebugstableIds.txt:error: failed to open: The data is invalid. (13). Please note that the solution in this topic does not work for me, I have even disabled Windows Defender completely and nothing has changed. Android Studio build keeps crashing (stableIds.txt […]

By user9507446
Categorized as aapt, android, android-studio

Detox android test references incorrect Android SDK path. "There was no "aapt" executable file in directory"

I have a React Native app up and running, and have Detox installed and working for iOS, but having issues running the test for Android. When I run the test, I get the following error: There was no "aapt" executable file in directory: /Users/me/Library/Android/sdk/Users/me/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/30.0.3. There seems to be some duplication in that referenced path, but […]

By attila
Categorized as aapt, android, detox, sdk

why aapt can not get activity?

aapt can not get activity in douyin.apk i use terminal to dump apk.code below. .aapt.exe dump badging .dy.apk I get his AndroidMainfesist.xml <activity-alias android:theme="@style/__RES_2131493296" android:name="" android:screenOrientation="portrait" android:targetActivity=""> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/> </intent-filter> </activity-alias> somebody have ideas to slove it? Source: Android Questions

By Nicky
Categorized as aapt, android, android-activity

Android Build with command-line tools

I try to understand how a .apk file is built from source code. I know that with Android Studio or with the command gradlew the build can be done easily. The Android Sdk provides multiple tools that are used to build a .apk, which most of them I know what they do: d8: java byte […]

By Jano
Categorized as aapt, aapt2, android, android-build, android-d8

Android Studio Build Keeps Crashing (BuildIds.txt Resource not Valid (13))

I’ve been trying to run my android studio app but android studio keeps giving me this build error for all of my projects. Full error is this: ERROR:: AAPT: <App Location>appbuildintermediatesstable_resource_ids_filedebugstableIds.txt: error: failed to open: The data is invalid. (13). I tried making fresh projects too but that didn’t seem to fix it. I didn’t […]

By SaltyScrimp
Categorized as aapt, android, crash, java

Error AAPT Android Studio when generate signature

I’m trying to generate a signature apk to publish my app to the play store, but this error appears every time Task :app:processReleaseResources FAILED AGPBI: {"kind":"error","text":"Android resource linking failed","sources":[{}],"original":"ERROR:: AAPT: /Users/luisabsg/Desktop/ebookandroid-18_1/codecanyon-24119642-ebook-android-app-online-freepaid-book-paypal-admin-panel/MainFiles/AppCode/E-Books App/E-Books App/app/build/intermediates/res/merged/release/.anim_abc_popup_enter.xml 2.flat.icloud: error: failed to read file: magic value is 0x696c7062 but AAPT expects 0x54504141.nerror: failed parsing overlays.nn ","tool":"AAPT"} ERROR:: AAPT: /Users/luisabsg/Desktop/ebookandroid-18_1/codecanyon-24119642-ebook-android-app-online-freepaid-book-paypal-admin-panel/MainFiles/AppCode/E-Books App/E-Books […]

By areatech
Categorized as aapt, android, android-studio

ProcessBuilder Permission Denied for commands like "package"

I tried searching on the internet but I havent found something helpful. How can someone possibly run ProcessBuilder without facing permission denied for non-rooted device? I tried to put permission write&read external storage to manifest file but still that didn’t help. Your help will be very much appreciated thanks. p.s. I’m using aapt commands. Here’s […]

Android gradle appt Get verbose aapt command used

Currently aapt runs as a part of Gradle build, but the actual invoked command and the files processed are not output as a part of android gradle build even when invoked with "–info" i.e. ./gradlew assembleProductionRelease –info How does one get aapt command triggered and its inputs and outputs as the part of android gradle […]

By jay shah
Categorized as aapt, android, android-assets, apk, gradle

Getting AAPT: error: file failed to compile error in Android Studio. Why we are getting this error inconsistently?

I got frustrated with this ‘ic_launcher_round.png: AAPT: error: file failed to compile’ error. I am using android Android Studio 4.1.3 March 11 2021 build. Previously it was working fine but Since I updated it from 3.6 to 4.1 started getting this error. Steps I took to resolve but didn’t work: Deleted Gradle file (Project and […]

By Programming Desire
Categorized as aapt, android, compilation

[JAVA][AAPT]Execute aapt command and filter the output in JAVA

I am trying to execute the following aapt command programmatically by using java code and filter the output and return the value. But I tried Runtime but seems not working. The command is aapt dump badging /Users/xxx/Downloads/xxx.apk | grep package: name And the output is : package: name=’’ versionCode=’xxx’ versionName=’1.187.0′ compileSdkVersion=’29’ compileSdkVersionCodename=’10’ What I want […]

By ken
Categorized as aapt, android, java, runtime
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