"Requiring Wifi permissions limits app availability on TVs that support only Ethernet" warning in Android Studio – can anything be done about this?

I’m developing an Android app (a game) that supports phones and TVs too, and can play multiplayer via LAN (WiFi or Ethernet) or WiFi Direct.

Android Studio warns me with a Lint warning in the manifest that says that if I "require Wifi permissions", then it will "limit the app availability on TVs that support only Ethernet" (TVs that don’t have Wifi).

Android Studio warning screenshot

I would like to support TVs without Wifi too. The multiplayer code is written in a way that it handles the Ethernet-only situation.

However, the Wifi-related permissions are normal permissions, and their declarations can’t be removed from the manifest.

Is there anything that can be done here to keep my app available for these TVs without Wifi?

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