How to root OP6 ?

I’ve recently upgraded from 10.3.11 to and so far I’ve not been able to find a version of TWRP that I can fastboot into that works. All the versions I’ve tried have just hung on the fastboot title screen and gone no further.

Obviously after booting onto TWRP I’m planning to install magisk v23 before rebooting onto my fully rooted phone, that’s my hope anyway.

So could someone please post a solution to the OP6 root issue?

Thanks ☺️👍

Source: XDA

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Same here, although, I’ve discovered that if you change the current boot slot from the current slot (a-b or b-a) twrp is still installed there. May be able to reflash Magisk from there? And maybe TWRP into both slots? Must admit I’m a little afraid to do that in case I brick my phone. Advice sought.

Richard Mace

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