Android Camera: E/IndicatorGardenAlgorithmBasicCutout: NOT MATCH?

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I created an app that utilize camera at some point.
When I holding a smartphone in vertical orientation and click on button (that starts camera intent), and take a photo in horizontal orientation I get this error:

2021-10-05 22:34:15.919 1423-30405/?
E/IndicatorGardenAlgorithmBasicCutout: NOT MATCH !!!!
resourceHeight:108, cutoutHeight:107 ([IndicatorGardenInputProperty]
Rotation(0-0,90-1,180-2,270-3)0, Density:2.625, ScreenWidthSize:1080,
CoverSidePadding:0, mIndicatorGardenCenterOffset:11,
mCameraCutoutCropSize:0, mGardenPaddingStart:21,
mIndicatorCornerPadding:56, mCameraSidePadding:25,
mCameraTopMargin:24, DpCutout:DisplayCutout{insets=Rect(0, 107 – 0, 0)
waterfall=Insets{left=0, top=0, right=0, bottom=0}
boundingRect={Bounds=[Rect(0, 0 – 0, 0), Rect(836, 0 – 1080, 107),
Rect(0, 0 – 0, 0), Rect(0, 0 – 0, 0)]}})

When I return to onActivityResult all activity variables are null.
If I do same process and don’t rotate camera to horizontal orientation everything goes good.
Any idea?

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