Error while running an simple application on android studio


I found some error like
"Can’t load transform config.xml file", skipping layout and not able to attached adapter to recyclerView.

from logcat window:
E/RecyclerView: No adapter attached; skipping layout
I/AdrenoGLES-0: PFP: 0x016ee190, ME: 0x00000000
W/IconCustomizer: can’t load transform_config.xml
W/xample.bookhub: Accessing hidden method Ldalvik/system/CloseGuard;->get()Ldalvik/system/CloseGuard; (greylist,core-platform-api, reflection, allowed)
Accessing hidden method Ldalvik/system/CloseGuard;->open(Ljava/lang/String;)V (greylist,core-platform-api, reflection, allowed)
Accessing hidden method Ldalvik/system/CloseGuard;->warnIfOpen()V (greylist,core-platform-api, reflection, allowed)
W/System: A resource failed to call close.
A resource failed to call close.

Please tell how to fix this?


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