MCX-1705AD Non functional

I’ve been looking for support for a chinese headunit MCX-1705AD without luck. This unit was working fine for 3 weeks, bluetooth, radio, reverse camera was all working fine and now all the apps either open and then close or become unresponsive. I have tried to access infotainment from settings to reset it from there but the screen closes like the other apps. I have also soft reset the device from the front panel which does not do anything. I assume I need a firmware upgrade and I have…

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Source: XDA

One Reply to “MCX-1705AD Non functional”

  • I have the same model and problems as you. I already solved the problems and the head unit is working normal now.
    1. Turn off the player by turn car key to off position.
    2. Frequently touch the screen with 5 fingers at the same time turn on the player by your car key to on position.
    3. On your screen conner will show detected and the player go to recovery mode you have to wait for a few minutes until the system reboot.