Hilt – inject dependency from app to module

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Lets say I have Android app project with one main "app" module and one "module1" module. "app" has dependency on "module1"

implementation project(":module1")

I’m starting to use Hilt to inject dependency from "app" to "module1".

In "module1" I define interface

interface TestInterface {
    fun doSomething()

which I implement in "app"

class Test: TestInterface {
    override fun doSomething() {
        Log.i("Test", "Something")

Now, I want to inject "Test" implementation into "module1" and use it.
I created test class:

class Work {

    lateinit var test: TestInterface

    fun doWork() {


Which I try to use in MainActivty


But it does not work.

kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property test has not been initialized
    at module1.Work.getTest(Work.kt:8)
    at module1.Work.doWork(Work.kt:11)

I’ve set:

class MainActivity


class HiltApplication

Hilt module:

interface Dependencies {
    fun bindsTestInterface(test: Test): TestInterface

Any idea why this does not work?

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