How can I stop an Android phone from generating "" files whenever i connect to a router?


I purchased a ZTE mobile router yesterday and discovered that every time i connect my Android to the router, the phone runs out of storage a few minutes later.

This happens because my phone generates hundreds of 48.15 MB files named (where "#" represents one or more numbers) as soon as i connect it to the router.

These files are stored in my /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ folder.

A quick google search revealed that these files were being generated due to a Man-in-the-disk attack. So i figured uninstalling package using ADB Shell would fix the problem.

To my bitter disappointment, my phone began creating these files immediately after i connected the phone to the router again (despite having deleted the supposed rogue package).

So, I’m wondering if you’ve experienced this problem before. If so, how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance

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Go to settings>apps > download manager > storage > clear data , also force stop the download manager.


Same problem facing…how to stop downloading those files


Does download manager go by any other name as it is not seen in settings on my samsung

Doreen Robinson

I disabled the download manager app in android and fixed the issue.


Same problem in Germany. Question: Does anyone of you by chance use the Spotify (Premium) App? I did, and I had the same problem, only difference: de-DE instead of en-US in the file names. I looked into those .zip files on my computer and I suspect there could be a connection to Spotify rolling out their own a speech recognition. There are german texts with commands to speech control an app, and there seem to be connections to use that app on a device in a car. When I oened Spotify Premium, there was for the forst time a screen: “Now useable in your car” or something like that. Plus, I updated the Spotify app the morning of the day I encountered the problem in the late afternoon. I run Kaspersky (Premium) on my smartphone, and it didn’t react whren the whole thing started. The downloads stopped when my storage was full. In the end I made a hard reset. Still waiting what happens now.


Edit: In Indonesia they ran in he same problem and seem to think it has to do with Googles Offline Speech recognition


I have the same issue, Italy. This incriminated file fulfill my entire memory storage and i can’t find a concrete solution. In my case the file in named soda-it-IT-v3000. To say that it happen when i am connected only with home wifi but with mobile connection this issue doesnt esist. If some one have a solution, a concrete one, pls, say it.


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