How can I get data for a specific period on a specific node in firebase?

I have developed android app which posts data to firebase in different categories, see screenshot

What I wish, and its a given assignment: My company needs to access this data through excel sheet. What they want is for example: in a category with name Mashava, they want to get specific data to excel for example from date: 01/05/2021 to 05/05/2021.

I prefer to do this through android studio, however even html/java script is also a good idea.

Put in mind what I want specufically:

  1. Data for specific category,
  2. Specific date

I have searched and searched I cant seem to find a closer solution.

Any suggestions with some source code will help me.

Once again: I want to get data from firebase to excel (google excel or any other), and the data should be for specific category and period.

How can I do this, either with java, java_script/html or android studio?

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