how to calculate Distance between two coordinates using Mapbox Kotlin

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how can I get the Distance out of Mapbox Navigation Route? in Double Format, I don’t want to draw the route I just need to calculate the distance between two Points, I have been able to calculate the distance using Truf

Storelocation = Point.fromLngLat(Stores.latitude, Stores.longitude)
Userlocation = Point.fromLngLat(UserLocation.Latitude, UserLocation.Longitude)
Distance = TurfMeasurement.distance(Storelocation, Userlocation, TurfConstants.UNIT_KILOMETERS)

but the problem is with this method above it doesn’t calculate distance within the route, it is just calculate straight line from point to point

private fun getRout(){
            .destination(Storelocation).build().getRoute(object :Callback<DirectionsResponse> {
                override fun onResponse(call: Call<DirectionsResponse>, response: Response<DirectionsResponse>) {
                    val rout = response ?: return
                    val body = rout.body() ?: return
                    if (body.routes().count() == 0 ){
                    navigationMapRoute = NavigationMapRoute(null, mapView, map)
                    // Get Distance
                    Distance = ??


                override fun onFailure(call: Call<DirectionsResponse>, t: Throwable) {


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