build Apk on physical device crash android studio flutter

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When I build my app on emulator (android 11 API 30) it’s working fine,
but when I try building on my old physical device (Android Kitkat API 19) It crash.

But when I run terminal flutter build apk --split-per-abi or flutter run --release it works
I can run it on physical device

I know I need armeabi v7 to make it work on my phone but its annoying to have to use console everytime I want to build

Unless I’m doing it wrong how do I build this on my IDE

Here’s my appbuild

minSdkVersion 19

buildTypes {
    release {
        minifyEnabled true
        signingConfig signingConfigs.debug

    debug {
        minifyEnabled true
        applicationIdSuffix ".debug"
        debuggable true
    staging {
        initWith debug
        applicationIdSuffix ".debugStaging"

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