Integrating fillable forms into android app


I work in the power industry and we use written procedures for everything from removing old equipment and installing, testing, commissioning new equipment to opening/closing high voltage breakers. All of these testing forms, commissioning forms etc are all in physical paper copies. Most can be found within the online application BOX but often new procedures are created at the individual level and it could be a year before it makes it into a database of some sort. If it makes it at all.

My goal here is to create an application to be used on a tablet, computer, and mobile device which allows the user to access a database of procedures with search functionality and be able to view, fill, and sign. Once the procedure is completed have it submitted and be held for review, once reviewed it sends the completed version into a database of compiled completed procedures for compliance documentation.

Aside from the viewing, filling, signing functionality to start. I’d like to add a create, edit function as well. The whole goal is to streamline the whole ordeal.

Recap: Application that has access to a database like ‘BOX’ that allows for review, filling, signing of documents. As well as the ability to create/edit new or existing forms/procedures. File types are: PDF, EXCEL, and Word that we currently deal with.

I have little to no coding experience so its going to be quite the journey and is only something I am attempting on my own time. It has nothing to do with the purpose of my job currently. I just hate using paper and pen for every task out in the field when filling out forms or testing equipment.

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