Flash is not supported for front camera, though stock Camera app has flash support for front camera

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On Samsung S10 I can’t enable flash using front camera (both camera2 and legacy camera API return false when checking support of flash for this camera)

For example

Timber.d("flashSupport ${CameraUtil.isFlashAvailable(this, "0")}, ${CameraUtil.isFlashAvailable(this, "1")}")

"0" – id of back camera
"1" – id of front camera


flashSupport true, false

fun isFlashAvailable(context: Context, cameraId: String): Boolean {
    val characteristics = getCameraCharacteristics(context, cameraId)
    return characteristics.get(CameraCharacteristics.FLASH_INFO_AVAILABLE) == true

So I can enable flash only for back camera but not for front camera? Why so? Samsung limits it and allows only for their system Camera app or is there something else?

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