Unit testing Android Google Places Autocomplete API is not posible

Unit testing Google Places Autocompete API is not possible since creating fake response is not supported. Tried creating fake response with val placeResponse = Task<FindAutocompletePredictionsResponse>., unfortunately response creation is internal to API. Is there any way (or workaround) to accomplish this?

fun search_testSuccess()  {
    // AutoComplete response
    val placeResponse = Task<FindAutocompletePredictionsResponse>.
    val searchConstraints = SearchPlaceConstraints("Fake place")
    // AutoComplete request
    val request = FindAutocompletePredictionsRequest.builder()
    // return provided placesResponse if `PlacesClient.findAutocompletePredictions()` is called
    coEvery { placesClient.findAutocompletePredictions(request) } returns placeResponse
    // Result of method being tested
    lateinit var result: Result<PlaceData<List<AutocompletePrediction>>>
    coJustRun { result = googlePlaceSearchRemoteDataSource.search(searchConstraints)}
    // Verify PlaceClient has been called 
    coVerify(exactly = 1) { placesClient.findAutocompletePredictions(request) }

    // Assert success
    assert(result is Result.Success)

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