Do `agm-circle`, etc, exist in Android Google maps?

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I need to create a native mobile app interface (limit to for now) for the existing functionality we have in an Angular web app.

I have already done most of it, but can’t find the mobile SDK counterparts for agm-circle, agm-rectangle, and agm-polyline/agm-icon-sequence=FORWARD_OPEN_ARROW

Are these features exclusive to the web platform?

    <agm-map ...>
            <agm-marker *ngIf='searchAddress' ...>

            <agm-marker *ngFor='let spot of countSpots; let i = index;' [iconUrl]="getSpotIcon(spot)" ...>

            <agm-circle *ngFor="let circle of circles" ...>
            <agm-rectangle *ngFor="let rectangle of rectangles" ...>

            <agm-polyline *ngFor="let arrow of arrows"...>
                <agm-polyline-point [latitude]="" [longitude]="arrow.origin.lng"></agm-polyline-point>
                <agm-polyline-point [latitude]="" [longitude]="arrow.closing.lng"></agm-polyline-point>
                <agm-icon-sequence [path]="'FORWARD_OPEN_ARROW'"></agm-icon-sequence>

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