Android Studio: [Java | Kotlin] Clickable markers on a Google StreetView

Good morning all !

I have already looked in the forum for similar questions, but I did not find anything, however I probably did not search everything so if luckily you know a discussion that speaks about it, know that I am interested!

So here’s the background:
For a project with student friends, we decided to create an Android application. This application is coded in Kotlin, but if you have an idea of ​​my problem in Java I am interested because the 2 languages ​​are very similar.
In this application, we want to put a StreetView (something that I did), and in this StreetView clickable markers, which could redirect us to pages presenting the building concerned.

Here is an example that I took a picture of by going a few seconds on google maps street view available on browsers:

enter image description here

As you can see, the markers are very clean, with logos etc … And are clickable!

My question would be whether Google to implement functions related to this for an Android application?
The kind where we could add Markers to coordinates, assigning a photo to it, and adding events to it when clicked.

Maybe my answer is stupid, but I assure you I haven’t found anything clear on it. I wonder if these markers would not be available only in javascript and not for Android Studio (the IDE on which we are developing) ….

In any case, if it is possible and you have information / sites / links / videos etc … which could help me to understand / learn how to do it I am obviously interested.

Thanks in advance for your future responses !

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