React Native – on button press "NativeAnimatedModule.startOperationBatch is not a function"

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I’m attempting to create my first React Native application with Expo, and I’m trying to console.log a random text upon the click of a button.

When the button is pressed, I get two errors (this is via Android Studio):

1 – NativeAnimatedModule.startOperationBatch is not a function

2 – There was a problem sending log messages to your development environment TypeError: stackString.split is not a function.

Occasionally I sometimes get this error as well

Animated node tag 3 does not exist

Below is the simple code I’m trying to execute

    onPress={() => console.log('test')}
  <Text>Log In</Text>

I looked online and I don’t really see anything on these 2 errors. Is it the way I have the code setup? Could I be missing packages?

I have these react-native packages installed for the time being

"react-native": "^0.64.0",
"react-native-gesture-handler": "^1.10.3",
"react-native-reanimated": "^2.0.0",

Thanks in advance

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