E/: [ZeroHung]zrhung_get_config: Get config failed for wp[0x0008]


Basicly i have a project with entities, and im doing a CRUD(Create, Update, and Delete) for each of them and connecting them to a database that i build on MySQL.
Somehow from one day to another this weird exception started showing up and i dont think the exception is coming from the code or even from the design on the activity.
Here is a note, im working with Fragments on the Activities.

The error has a lot of text but this is the red text:
E/MemoryLeakMonitorManager: MemoryLeakMonitor.jar is not exist!
E/AwareLog: AtomicFileUtils: readFileLines file not exist: [email protected]
E/: [ZeroHung]zrhung_get_config: Get config failed for wp[0x0008]

Part1 of the exception

Part2 of the exception

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  • The same thing. The same errors. But my programm runs normaly…
    And I’am not using any data bases.

    Device Honor 10i.