Solution for quick scanning of QR codes with subsequent POST requests and http response WITHOUT an app? [closed]

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This is not a code problem but more about overall architecture. I’m building a web app for a client which involves ticket management for their venues.

The problem is, they have now requested that tickets be emailed to the attendees in QR form and scanned as they enter the venue from a mobile device. This is pretty common practice nowadays. The QR code etc stuff is not a problem, I have already built the API which can take a POST request (which can be embedded in the QR code or the url, either way) and sign in the attendee etc when submitted, then return a response. The problem is scanning speed.

If you’ve ever attended a venue using something like this, you’ll know that the QR code tickets are generally displayed on the attendees phone (or printed) and scanned by a staff member with an app, which upon scanning, returns a green or red tick which shows the operator whether the ticket is valid, and the staff member is able to quickly move onto the next attendee in the line. My client wants to replicate this.

Without an app, I could of course just have them scan with a generic reader and return a response/the ticket result (green tick red tick etc) on a web page, but this will be far too slow and cumbersome; they need instant, streamlined feedback to be able to quickly move onto the next attendee.

I am looking for any ideas that might allow us to do this without me having to push them for more budget to develop a companion mobile scanner app for the web app. Are there any existing QR apps that might allow for configurable response display from an API, or any other ideas on how to tackle the problem? If push comes to shove, they have the budget to develop a companion app, just exploring other options first as time is a factor. Any help is appreciated.

When looking around there was only one app I found that actually seems to be able to display a response from the server in a timely manner, which I won’t link because I’m not sure it’s allowed, but it will only display the response in text form, not as idiot proof as a green tick etc. Any input is appreciated.

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