AOSP: Can’t Run Emulator

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I’m an AOSP newbie. I am following this tutorial.

I have successfully synced my repo to tag android-11.0.0_r29.

I set lunch to aosp_arm-eng (I’ve also tried aosp_x86_64-eng). The build reports:

[ 99% 90444/90520] //art/build/apex:art-check-debug-apex-gen generate art-check-debug-apex-gen.dummy
--bitness=auto, trying to autodetect. This may be incorrect!
  Detected multilib
[100% 90520/90520] Target vbmeta image: out/target/product/generic_arm64/vbmeta.img

#### build completed successfully (05:25:57 (hh:mm:ss)) ####

However, when I attempt to run the emulator:

[email protected]:~/aosp$ emulator
emulator: ERROR: Can't get kernel version from the kernel image file: '/home/clayton/aosp/prebuilts/qemu-kernel/arm64/ranchu/kernel-qemu'

Have not found a solution. Please help.

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