Multiple issues with installing Flutter – flutter doctor from all complete to not complete and no default SDK path

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I have no idea why installing this is so difficult (I already spent 4 hours trying to find answers and trying different things). I have been following the Flutter official instructions – in the cmd, i entered ‘flutter doctor -v’ and it was all fine.

However, after installing Android Studio, its telling that me Flutter SDK Path is missing when it should pick it up naturally at C:Users’user’AppDataLocalAndroidSdk. it is not populated automatically.

Online troubleshotting tells me I need to install the SDK or update it, so in SDK Manager, I install whatever has SDK in it, and now I check the cmd again to make sure all was fine. Now there is a change with the results from ‘flutter doctor’. It is now giving me an error to now accept the SDK licenses which I have done already. However, I decide to try again, and lo and behind, it gives me another error – Error: Could not find or load main class AppDataLocalAndroidSdkcmdline-toolslatestbin..

I was following the flutter install instructions to a tee, I have tried to reinstall android studio, including delete Android folders entirely to try and do this again, but all fails.

If there is a fix to just install this properly, that would be great!


Problem 1: flutter doctor gives error to accept SDK licenses. I try to do this, but new error pops up as Error: Could not find or load main class AppDataLocalAndroidSdkcmdline-toolslatestbin..

Problem 2: Trying to create a new Flutter Application requires a Flutter SDK Path – this path is empty. I used the most logical file directory which is C:Users’user’AppDataLocalAndroidSdk and this is not found. I have no idea anymore how to even open a new Flutter file.

I have installed Android Studio, Flutter Plugin, Kotlin Plugin, and Dart Plugin. Any help appreciated.

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