Installation did not succeed when running it on emulator

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I am updating somebody else’s code and the following error is coming when i am running the build through android studio

Installation did not succeed.
The application could not be installed: INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES

List of apks:
[0] '...appbuildintermediatesextracted_apksreleaseoutbase-arm64_v8a_2.apk'
[1] '...appbuildintermediatesextracted_apksreleaseoutbase-en.apk'
[2] '...appbuildintermediatesextracted_apksreleaseoutbase-master_2.apk'
[3] '...appbuildintermediatesextracted_apksreleaseoutbase-xxhdpi.apk'
APK signature verification failed

I have run it through gradle and then installed the apk on my phone and its working but its not working on emulator directly. The minSdkversion is fine. I changed it

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