How to reverse engineer Dolry Music app in iOS?

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I have an old Dolry Music Stone device that provides wireless AirPlay over 30-pin connector – I use it with B&W Zepellin and all works well. However, the app that manages the device is too old to run on anything newer than iPhone 5s – I was trying to decompile the app to see if I can reverse engineer and rewrite, but all my attempts failed including jailbreaking my iPad Air (armv8) and trying tools like Clutch, flexdecrypt etc.

I will try to find my daughter’s iPhone 5s which should be compatible with the app, but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone has any advise on how to tackle the encrypted .ipa file. All decrypting programs want to run the binary but binary is not compatible with any of my devices.

Another thing I was thinking about was to use Android version .apk file and decrypt this but I cannot find the app anywhere. Long shot but perhaps I’ll find someone here who’s got the app and is willing to share the .apk file.

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