Accessibility Skips Views that aren’t visible in RecyclerView

I have a similar layout as the Google Play Store in which I have nested RecyclerViews. I’ve noticed that TalkBack won’t automatically scroll through all the elements of the nested RecyclerView if it’s positioned in the center of the carousel. In the screenshot below, if I’m on the News & magazines header and I ACTION_SCROLL_FORWARD, it won’t go to the very beginning of the nested carousel, but will just highlight the first visible view, which is the View directly to the left of the NPR news app. If I ACTION_SCROLL_BACKWARD after that, it will scroll back through the elements in the RecyclerView.

This seems by design since I can reproduce this behavior in the Google Play Store, but I was curious if there was a way around this since it seems like a strange behavior.

enter image description here

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