How can I install the OpenVPN libraries in my app using AndroidStudio/Windows?

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I am making an app and want to utilize OpenVPN, but I am not sure how I can install the required the libraries into my project.

This is the OpenVPN github:

These are the rough instructions on the Github:

- Install sdk, ndk, cmake (e.g. with Android studio), swig (3.0+), on
  Windows perl might be needed for mbedtls

Fetch the git submodules (the default urls for the submodules work as
long as the main repo url is on github):

  git submodule init
  git submodule update

Build the project using "gradle build" (Or use Android Studio). Ensure that
the swig executable is the path, otherwise the build will fail.

I am new to Android studio and github, so I am having a hard time following these instructions. When search how to add use the OpenVPN client in other apps, I either see people referring to the Github or linking their own open source apps as examples. I would like to know how actually to import what I need in my Android Studio project.

I have installed sdk, ndk, and cmake, yet I don’t know how to install swig properly (besides just downloading swig off their website).

Can anyone give me advice for how to properly implement the OpenVPN library into my app with Android Studio on Windows?

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