error in android phones witch midas Delphi 10.4


Dear I am working with RAD Studio 10.4 to develop mobile applications, I connect with DataSnap from an android mobile and a couple of days ago I have not been able to connect the app because it indicates the following error on the mobile "Unable to load Midas due to missing code page conversion library ", this error gives just when I try to retrieve data, example the line right there gives the error, which I did not before with 10.3, apply the patches in 10.4, 1,2 and 3 and still it gives me the error. To further isolate the problem, create a small application that only has a button that when clicking on it executes the open of the query.
The components that I have in the form are
-ProviderConection and
In design mode if I activate the query it shows me the result in a ListView

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