IBM Worklight Java HTTP Adapters throwing UNEXPECTED_ERROR during Authentication

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We are building app in android and IOS ,for server-side development, I am using Java HTTP Adapter. The version of SDK used on the client app side is 7.1 and for the server side I am using MobileFirst-

From the past few days whenever we launch the app, the client app is not getting a response from the server instead it fails with the following exception

WLResponse [invocationContext=null, responseText={"errorCode":"UNEXPECTED_ERROR","errorMsg":"Unexpected error encountered"}, status=500] WLFailResponse [errorMsg=Unexpected error encountered, errorCode=UNEXPECTED_ERROR]

I am not receiving any more information other than this. There are no other details which can help me understand

For server-side user authentication tutorial used is:

Could anyone please help me with this issue

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