Failed to find Build Tools revision 30.0.1

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My Android Studio setup is as follows :

Android Studio Version : 4.0 (May 2020 Build)
Android Gradle Plugin Version : 4.0.0
Gradle Version : 6.1.1

But it gives me this error :

Failed to find Build Tools revision 30.0.1

I checked in the SDK tools in the sdk manager and there is no 30.0.1 version persent but 30.0.2 version is present.
To force Android Studio to use 30.0.2 i added the below line in the app’s gradle properties in the android tag

android {

buildToolsVersion "30.0.2"


But stuill it is showing the same error.
I think every Gradle+plugin version is mapped to a given Buildtoolversion and for my one it is 30.0.1 but sadly SDK tool version doesnt show it.
Is there a way to know which gradle+plugin version corresponds to 30.0.2?


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